Sunday, July 12, 2015

Not Wallpaper Stripping

I appear to be about to strip the wallpaper from an entire room. I'm not sure how this came about; perhaps there's a clue in the way I spent yesterday moving things into other rooms and checking to see if I've got a wall scraper...
The summer is the time when academics catch up with everything- research both written and otherwise (and some! I'm making documentary with Gina Birch and I spend hours filling in funding applications, watching rushes and we've just started filming), friendships (where are you everyone, after last summer?), music-making (the guitar is never far from my side) and we hope, holidaying.
It's also the only time we stand a chance of spending more than a single day in our homes. My garden, or yarden since it has no soil, is in flower and smells lovely as the lilies have come into bloom.
Now perhaps I can look upstairs in my tiny house and think about making it nice. The walls are crumbling, the carpet in the carpeted room is grubby and in need of a good shampoo, and there are mountains of Offsprog-property that need to be boxed up and put away so I can deep-clean and start to preserve the walls and windows against the ravages of time and weather incursion.
Naturally, this is one of those prevaricative blog postings. The sheets of plastic to cover the furniture are at the ready, and so is the scraper, the gloves and the goggles.
It's just me who is not.

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