Thursday, April 30, 2015


Any academic will tell you that a large part of their life is spent waiting for students who have an urgent appointment with you and who then don't turn up. If I added together the minutes and hours I've spent waiting for no-shows, it would amount to days and weeks.
My career has proved to be an education in patience. Here I am waiting for a student who turned up 25 minutes late the last time, and who is running 'ten minutes late'. Fifteen minutes later, there is no sign of them.
This is the second moany posting in a row!
Put it down to anxiety about the forthcoming election. I've had to stop reading London's Evening Standard which was stuffing Tory policy down my throat every night, and I've stopped watching the news, because of the constant chirruping about companies that are doing so well now the economy has got better. I am ashamed to be part of a country that demonises the less fortunate members of its society- people who are unemployed, disabled, elderly, or in poor health.
And the student still hasn't turned up (twenty minutes late now).

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