Wednesday, April 15, 2015


This is in memory of Francisca, a super-amazing person who I've just discovered died recently. She was a lovely woman who hugged me every time I saw her. She was one of life's enhancing people, positive, energetic, funny and loving. When we got into trouble for The Cleaners' Voice (the University didn't much go for the campaign for fair pay for the cleaners) she turned up at a Research Event to be interviewed in front of an audience even though her English wasn't that good- she came along for the craic and did a fantastic diplomatic job just by being there.
There is a Paypal link to repatriate her body to Brazil. It would mean such a lot to her family to have her home; even a fiver would help. I've put the link to the video above the Paypal link so you can see what it was all about. Leaving the legacy of a successful campaign was a great thing to do, but her real legacy was a personal one- you could see her smile from the other side of the building. How sad, the loss of such a positive woman.

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