Friday, April 25, 2014


Over the past few days I have dabbled in writing up my most recent research; some interviews are still being transcribed but I hope to reduce the book pile in the kitchen in gradual increments until that part of the kitchen at least looks like a kitchen again. Today is a proper writing day.
Next week and the following week I'll be doing lots of gigs with The Daintees, for which many thanks! I hope the new skiffle album will be ready by then- a limited edition pressing- and I will be taking it with me. I've been learning the songs gradually day by day and shredding my fingers in the process; I'm not used to strumming at high speed although I used to do a lot of casual strumming when I ran childrens' songwriting projects a few years ago.
My hands and nails are protesting and a diet of strawberry jelly cubes beckons, which is what I lived on in the 1980s when I swapped from bass to guitar for Helen and the Horns.
It will be fantastic to be completely steeped in music for a couple of weeks; when I went on tour with the guys two years ago I didn't want to come back to reality at all.
I shall be returning to a mountain of marking, selling the car, fixing the roof, trading in the computer and digging through the giant 'sell-me-on-eBay' bag.
Until then, I'm a researcher and a musician and hats off to that!

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