Friday, April 04, 2014


I spent the day dazed by painkillers asleep in bed; later, I got up to buy some carrots but got distracted by the Oxfam shop. Metabolically, I was 100% slower than normal so I could be bothered to browse through almost every single vinyl album and 7" that was there and I left with an armful that included  7"s of The Frank Chickens, Annie Get Your Gun (that's an EP), Norman Greenbaum's Spirit in the Sky, a Kate Bush to sell on eBay, Julie Covington singing Housewives Choice, a 12" of Lonnie Donnegan's songs, and LPs by Anthony Newley, Danny Kaye and the Girl Guides singing, which I've had to promise Offsprog One that I'll never play in her hearing.
A vinyphile tried to nab the Annie EP out of my arms- couldn't believe his cheek- then tried to engage me in conversation about musicals as though to prove that he needed the EP more than I did.

Once I bought a Boy Scouts Gang Show EP there which I gave to my pal Jim who works now at the Open University recording studio. He always had lots of weird albums, with the sounds of babies in the womb and that sort of thing.
There were a whole lot of 7"singles with birdsong on them and some ZZ Top albums.
Sometimes I try to imagine the person who must have offloaded their collecsh to the charity shop- but sometimes I don't!


foolish girl said...

Hi Helen If you're going to e-bay the Julie Covington, could I have first refusal please? x

Helen McCookerybook said...

Not selling any of these- at least until I've heard them! How are you? x