Tuesday, April 08, 2014

No Adventures At Present

It's not that life is boring: just a little confusing at the moment.
Practicality barges in, of course; it is time to sell my trusty car, which has many a mile on it's clock but still a super engine and which has rarely ever failed an MOT.
In fact, I think the guys down at the depot may even shed a tear when I drive up with a different one.
I've had it for more than ten years so it's time for a change: a rusty banger, probably.

It's also time to sell guitars for the car fund and I'll deal with that next week. I've sold a vintage telephone today and a pair of shoes.

iTunes is feeding me Gospel at the moment. I'm listening to Mahalia Jackson right now and Mary Mary beforehand. It's almost as though Apple is arguing with Donna Leon, whose Venetian detective character has been tussling with his lack of religious faith in the last few paperbacks that I bought from the charity shop that files them in alphabetical order (irresistible for an academic like me!)

I've printed out a hot-off-the press interview transcript to read on the train to the Edinburgh conference later this week. Bless the transcriber's cotton socks, she's absolutely brilliant. Thank you Sarah!

I've been peer-reviewing some undergraduate submissions for a student's Independent Project, an undergraduate thesis website. It's a brilliant idea and she has managed to get eight submissions so far which is pretty good going.

Ah, here's Sister Rosetta, also singing Gospel! Really, I need to listen to some harmonies. Gina has asked me to sing on some of her new music (CD here and awaiting listening space). And also guitar: I have distortion and 50s echo at the ready as well as a little fingerpicking (I was listening to Merle Travis this morn). I have no digital Trio Bugarka or London Community Gospel Choir but somewhere I have that gorgeous Belgian band Zap Mama. I'm off to find them.

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