Monday, April 07, 2014

Multi-Locational Day

The day started with a meeting in Stratford; a repeating-meeting. Then I relocated to Oxford Circus and met the two students from the University of the West who I'm supervising (that's always a pleasure); the up to Turnpike Lane to do the second-last interview. This evening I have been preparing a Powerpoint (urgh, how I hate it's attempts be be helpful: it's like trying to put up a curtain rail helped by a four-year-old). I will be presenting a paper at the Studying Music conference at Edinburgh University later this week, which is a conference to honour Simon Frith's retirement.
Simon wrote the first academic book that I ever struggled through, Sound Effects, and to celebrate that fact I have a tiny quotation from that very book submerged in the paper I'm presenting.
I have such a mass of material that it's now become very difficult to extract parts of it to make into a conference paper and for the first time even I am going to read the thing out loud tomorrow and time it.

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