Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mark Nevin and Thousands of Sprogs at UnderTheInfluence

What warm-hearted nights these are! Nat's father won the raffle a suspiciously large number of times and the Dave Stewart signed solo albums failed to find homes again (apparently it's becoming a tradition that they are returned with tactful regret every time they are won). There were mince pies (and mice pies for meat-eaters), cheesy thingies that you can't stop eating, and the usual plethora of acts including The Reverse playing songs from their new album, and The Antipoet. I played a trio of wintry songs (Christmas Queen, available here to download: and featuring amongst others, the Legendary Lester Square on BVs, Waltzing Away From Winter, and On New Year's Eve), and sat by the fire with Martin and Wilky drinking ginger beer. Happy Christmas, Nat, and long may your events continue!

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