Monday, December 02, 2013

A CD (not ACDC)

Well, here it is!
It has all the Helen and the Horns Peel sessions plus the album that we recorded just before amicably calling it a day.
The CD itself will be released in January although there will be copies available on the 8th December at the launch at The Lexington. The sleeve notes are by Lester Square, of the Monochrome Set. At one time, he and Mike Slocombe of Urban 75 fame were in the band, the fledgeling version of the band that didn't have a name yet. We used to hang out together and go to record labels (well, Cherry Red, anyway) and we even did one gig at The London Musician's Collective. Then The Monochrome Set offered just me and the Horns a gig at Kingston Poly, and that was it- we were off. We have another rehearsal tomorrow evening and we will be playing a full set on Sunday including Secret Love, Twice Brewed, Pioneer Town and Happy Ending, which we haven't played for years. It will be a jolly evening, with The Antipoet and Martin Stephenson (plus fiddle and banjo players) and a special DJ.
Any Helen and the Horns fans of old, do come along- you might have a bit of a reunion! Tickets will be available on the door or from here:


Anonymous said...

Can you buy it on vinyl!

Anonymous said...

Hoping to get along to this. Helen, do you know roughly what the stage times will be? Need to get the baby to bed etc!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Antipoet 8.30 ish
Martin and coJust after 9
H and H 10-11