Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Looking back over the past month I can see that there are considerable gaps in my blogging. This is to do with what I shall euphemistically call 'change management'. The blog weeks have been concertina-ed into a series of pleasant events but the reality of life has been rather stressful.
Prior to the wonderful experience of Vienna at the weekend, I'd spent every weekend writing lectures and presentations and trying to think of a way to fit 40 students into rooms designed for 10. The sound of my head banging the wall might not necessarily make for a good posting (well, perhaps it might), but a solution is under way thank God, and I also have a short respite from writing academic stuff.
I have also been ill for three weeks. I can not shake off a cold and cough that landed as soon as I started  lecturing again and I have emptied the local pharmacists of remedies. Illness is not good blog-fodder either, so that's enough of that.
I had a great night out last night which, added to the Vienna conference, has restored my belief in music and discourse and all that. It has been good to get out of the kitchen cell in which books are piled on the chairs and the route to the kettle is marked out by a furrow in the lino!
Some gigs are in the pipeline which is a very cheering thought.


Anonymous said...

Get well soon!!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you Anne! It hasn't stopped me enjoying life, but it feels like time to get better.