Thursday, September 05, 2013


If it's not being talked about already around editorial tables, I'm guessing it soon will be: girl-for-boy magazines, full of revealing pictures of attractive women with coded and titillating bylines.
As Nuts and company drift off the shelves due to their deserved attention from feminists, Hello and OK will up the nudity ante and start to include subjects that are targeted at surreptitious male readers.
Eventually, these titles will advertise themselves using photographs of cosily snuggling male/female partners in their undies, smiling at each other as they turn the pages.
'Have-at-thee, feminists!', the publishers will snicker.
Kate Moss and Helena Christensen will walk slimly and elegantly into the sunset, to be replaced by 17-year-old models with orange tans, bouncing boobies and dyed blonde hair who enjoy being naked and don't see what problem those hairy-legged banshees have with it all.
It must be because they're all ugly, mustn't it?


Anonymous said...

Whats ya point exactly? But seriously, does anyone actually read Heat? I admit to looking at the copy my daughter insisted on buying on holiday last month, and to be honest none of the people featured as 'celebrities' meant anything to me. I also admit to buying one of the first ever copies of Loaded. I was actually suprised by the amount of text in it, literally hundreds of 2 column inch soundbites, probably all made up, but written by some hack at the keyboard nonetheless. I could go on, but I won't. Needless to say, society has crumbled, and no one really gives a damn love Wilky (I've forgotten my password)

Helen McCookerybook said...

My point is that I agree with the women who want to do away with Page 3 and soft porn mags.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about Page 3. The soft porn mags - I don't know - I'm a bit suprised they still exist. I can only assume they're bought by people without internet connections.
About 20 years ago I was working on a project and the company I was working for were sharing an office with another company. We managed to persuade them to take down the girlie calendars, although as a concession they could put them up outside normal working hours. Bang on 5pm, up they went. I've never understood the mentality that says 'I cannot get through the day without looking at pictures of topless girls'. Strangely, when I recounted this tale to Vanessa Feltz on Radio London, we were the bad guys for imposing our pc ideals on those people! Ya can't win
wilky (still not remembered it)