Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Under House Arrest: Dusty and Grime

Not really: I have been to the dump already to jettison some flotsam and jetsam. But all is in disarray and the jigsaw has to be reassembled. I am listening to Dusty Springfield amongst the dust and grime (not listening to Grime, though). De La Soul accompanied scrubbing the teabag stains off the floor near the bin. I bet they didn't imagine that when they were recording all those years ago!
I realsed that when I had limited vinyl discs at my disposal, I used to sing all the time because I knew all the songs and arrangements backwards. I've got several days-worth of iTunes stuff and I listen to it all a lot, but about a quarter of it is awful and I only listen to it because I have to talk about it at work.
It's varied though: now the Streets is playing and I'm remembering Ragga tunes that Sally and Simon used to record at their studio in Leytonstone.
Sally taught me the rudiments of sound engineering and I have started teaching Offsprog One. It can't do any harm can it? The Midi wouldn't behave so we recorded layers of guitars instead and I showed her all the different leads and what they do.
Here comes Memphis Minnie, her voice and tingling guitar cutting through the hiss of old shellac- what an inspiration! (and she can whistle)

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