Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Stones at Glastonbury (on telly)

There will be typos today, I think; I'm  using an iPad and Blogger doesn't like 'em.
 I got offered tickets for The Stones this morning ( thanks Nova Castria) but I'm zonked from painkillers and taking it easy: writing this doesn't seem difficult but replying to texts does! I look like The Elephant Man this morning after yesterday's small op on my jaw and I'm barricaded in the hoose until I look normal again.
The Stones... on TV we could see men whose faces looked many years older than their ages and whose bodies looked many years younger. Mick Jagger moves like the dancer he is (the male precursor to Madonna perhaps: all sexy but not that great a voice). Ron and Keith- well, they were stiff and elderly and especially at the beginning of the Glastonbury set, they looked downright lazy.
Apart from their hits, I don't know their music very well and the first part of theircsetvwas a mystery to me- and very definitely a case of The Emperor's New Clothes (or old clothes, but we're all heading there, aren't we?). I think I am the only person in the world who never has liked the Stones. From the outset, Mick's conceited persona has been deeply unappealing. I was a bit too young to think him sexy and later, getting into James Brown, Little Richard and Chuck Berry, I preferred the black originals to the white copies. Then the NME gave away a flexidisc of some songs from Exile on Main Street and I loved the production, which was harsh and spontaneous sounding. But even though I played it to oblivion, it didn't make me a Stones fan. Like floral settees, Whiskey, Mills and Boon novels, Hunters wellies ( just autocorrected to 'willies' BTW, perish the thought), the whole point of them has passed me by.
Later in their Glastonbury set, there were hits which seemed to re-energise the semi-comatose guitarists and I could see their appeal. Mick dances really hard and I am full of admiration for his physical fitness and stamina. But would I want to go to see them play? Nope, not even for the dubious cachet of  'I've seen the Stones play'. And not even 'No, because so many of their songs are so misogynisyic'. That's rock 'n'roll'n'rap and it's inescapable (althought the irony of talking about 1970s feminists epiphanies while dancing to Under My Thumb, at the conference on Tuesday was quite, well, ironic).
Took years to persuade them to play and now they've done it? Ring-a-ding-ding, rich greedy white men who sing and play instruments! You of all people have profited from the hippies and the rockers alike when you were all young. Hats off to you for still doing it; I'm glad so many punters had their dream come true and watched their fave band. I'm off to watch little bands in pubs!

(Sorry for the rather grumpy rantiness above; more posting later in a more positive vein)


foolish girl said...

Helen I have that flexi disc in my collection .. what a coincidence..I have recently reclaimed my vinyl from under the stairs, and forgot I had that flexi disc..

Helen McCookerybook said...

Mine completely wore out but I did buy the CD a while ago! Glad you've got your vinyl out- I feel inspired to do the same x