Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Songwriting Course Completed....

Through muggy temperatures, copious pencils, bushels of ideas and a lot of good feeling, we managed to record ten songs on the final day, yesterday at The Premises in Hackney. The masterclass was by Ed Harcourt, who was gently charming and who told us about the way he co-writes with other people as well as the way he writes for himself. He has a new album coming out soon on DrownedinSound and I am looking forward to hearing it. Paulette Long from Westbury Music talked to the participants about selling their songs, and we had a great band yesterday: Martin and John from The Daintees, Dave Ohm on drums (who also happens to be Grouty's son from Porridge) and Janette Mason on piano. They did a great job and so did Jason, who was engineering; and thanks of course to Julia for organising it all.
The songwriters were a nice and talented bunch, all ages from twelve to retirement and the chance to meet each other and listen to each other was an important part of it all. Well done everyone, and thank you for jumping on the song bus with such good spirits! I hope you like your song recordings as much as I do.
My metabolism has slowed down to a snails' pace today; time for a rest for a day or two.

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