Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Sand Pits at the South Bank

Martin came to play guitar at the Premises Songwriter Course and we went for a walk along the South Bank: sand pits for young-uns, Thames beaches for teenagers perched on the steps down and running across the shingle; earnest elderly men in sandals and beards with small backpacks, walking along with effort, as though they were climbing mountains on the flat; a little red-headed boy chasing a pigeon that was too damn lazy to fly away so it just ran along in front of him; a school party with a very bossy teacher pointing things out in a LOUD VOICE; Mexican food and Mr Whippy's with a flake; graffiti and skateboarders; a charcoal-tinted cormorant skimming the edge of the river, at speed; The Globe and its gorgeous decorated gate; trees with scaly bark and glittering leaves; boats galore, all speeds and all ages; painters underneath Blackfriars Bridge; a bagpiper down on the beach (avoid); a sand-sculptor making an abstract sand sculpture ditto location, with a bucket in the middle of a target for your monetary contributions; a cool breeze; so much, so much, so wonderful!


Wilky of St Albans said...

Spooky - I was there between 1 and 1:30 today, enjoying an ice cream and looking at the Thames. The off-white ice cream van with the green stripes just downstream of the sand pit sells the most delicious ice cream, although, alas, as tomorrow is my last day in gainful employment I shall sample his wares no more. Have you been into Beanotown?

Helen McCookerybook said...

We had one of those ice creams!