Thursday, July 04, 2013

Rrrants at the Camden Head on Monday

Here are some photos from Monday. Lester Square provided some atmospheric guitarisms for Paul Eccentric's dark story, which was accompanied by the burlesque dancer Holly; there was a very funny contribution from a ukelele-playing woman from St Albans (will tell you her name later) who is clearly being driven mad by life. Amongst various poets and comedians, the ever-barmy Lobby Ludd stood out, as usual; he even managed to almost get through a whole song this time!
I played some new songs with Martin by my side and at the end The Antipoet accompanied a humdingin' Freight Train to send everyone home.
Rrrants nights are very special nights, always, and I love playing them. Thanks to the troops who came along to support the night- Lucie Sieger and friends, Dubulah, Champagne Friend, Wilky, and of course, MArtin, now back off on his songster travels.
I'm retiring for the day- got a face like Oor Wullie Sookin' a Sweetie, now beginning to be decorated by some attractive blue and purple bruising. I don't intend to poke my nose out of the door this weekend!

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