Monday, July 08, 2013


I can't believe that I'm writing a post about something as dull as a purse. But I worked hard all weekend and I've been at work this morning seeing some students and my jaw is throbbing and the purse has become important for a nanosecond.
Being of Scottish extraction (not just for convenience to bask in the glory of Murray's win: good for him but the loser was more gracious) I am allowed to say that Scottish people are famed for being stingy. I am no exception and I have needed a new purse for approximately six months. The old one had a shredded lining that meant that I was constantly posting coins between the lining and the leather and wondering where the jingling was coming from when I couldn't see any money in there.
It was scuffed, and was turning from bright pink to grey with no in-between colour, although it was soft and sweet, but that's not exactly what you want from a purse.
Braving the smells of raw sewage wafting through the hot morning air, I swam through the East London haze into TK Maxx at Gallion's Reach and coughed up the princely sum of 12 quid for a natty blue leather item.
The only problem is, I spent the money on the purse and now I haven't got any to put in it.
See what I mean?

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