Thursday, May 09, 2013

I'm Sitting Here...

A few years ago when I taught songwriting at the University of the West, year after year students would start their first song with 'I'm sitting here...'
Being the firm and controlling module leader that I am, I forbade those words, banished them to a hole called 'cliche' and required the students to start again, please.
But I am sitting here today... Wednesday vanished without trace and now the mountain of marking needs to be tackled. I'm blending it with chores: it goes four pieces of work/wash jumpers/four pieces of work/wash socks/review marking so far/eat lunch and so on, and so on.
It is going to take me days, but the house will be very clean. I have double the number of students at the University of the East plus overspill marking from a member of staff who is leaving tomorrow (nuff said on that).
So 'I'm sitting here...' with broken spectacles balanced on my nose and biro in hand evaluating, measuring, comparing, cross-referencing and wondering whether to give myself a weekend on not.
Will I get it all done by the deadline?

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