Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Stamp Collection

O for the days of DIY! Sounds like a song title... next one perhaps. While unearthing lost cassettes of music ( I used the sing the horn parts on to three separate cassettes and give one each to the trumpet, trombone and sax players to learn) and lost DATs (where I found Paradise Lost, which I'm now working out as a Spanish-guitar backed acoustic song), I found these rubber stamps, which both The Chefs and Helen and the Horns used on correspondence, photographs and so on.
The Chefs' one is rather worn out but the Helen and the Horns one still works (it's a bit younger). The others are Musician's Union ones. I am contemplating forays back into DIY at the moment, in particular the idea of making my own comic out of some of the stories I contributed in the past to now-defunct publications. Some of the stories are a trifle fruity and hence don't appear on the Tumblr site I set up a few weeks ago.
BTW I also have a Facebook artist page. This is a symptom of many hours at home marking, with prevaricative forays into social media in order to stretch my brain and prevent it from becomeing addled with too many there's and theirses (anyone who marks student work will understand what I mean by that, defiantly).

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