Saturday, April 27, 2013

Guitar Talk

Jim Hornsby and Martin Stephenson talk guitars at Thekla, Bristol. Joby posted this on Facebook: Thekla is a boss venue, not pretty (you can make up for that) but fit for purpose, convert the hold into a club. Glad to know she is still there after many years & problems. My friends Dutch barge MV Peter lay alongside for quite a time until she got me & a few cronies to take her down to PZ, later we took her to moorings near Tower Bridge. GR8 fun, bit of a handful (both vessel & owner), armed River Cops boarded us to CHK we were Halal/Kosher & were not full of Semtex (just after 9/11) but cool. Did some work on her & took her to Rochester for hull inspection (Thames Barrage is awesome) & she sold for 90 grand. Made some manoeuvres for new owners, bit scary with bloody tourists on Tower Bridge, no FU tho. Thekla was brought down from Scotland, must have been some voyage.
Have a good gig & POI she is a ship not a boat & has ‘freeing ports’, the windows in her hull are known as scuttles

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