Monday, March 11, 2013

In Which Moths Eat The Outside Of One Hat And The Inside Of Another

During the last cold snap. I bundled up all of my clothes and left them in bin bags in the cold, dry air at the end of the yard for a week at sub-zero temperatures to kill any moth eggs and larvae that might have taken hold of them since last summer.
I forgot two of my hats, which were nestled one on top of the other, and this is what I found yesterday: a hat wriggling and teeming with adult moths who in a matter of four weeks had reduced the hats to dirty, fluffy hat-rubble.
The top hat (not the Top Hat) had been decimated inside; and this, the underneath hat, which was the pride and joy of my 1980s years and which once belonged to a Louisiana Mounted Policeman (and which I bought because it reminded me of a vintage Girl Guide hat), was ruined.
Out for a walk in the bitter northerly wind today, I imagined a fast-forward-type event in which moths ate clothing so quickly that people going about their everyday business suddenly found themselves shopping, perhaps, in nothing but the Emperor's New Clothes. Makes yer think, innit?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear - your poor hats!!

Sarah said...

Bloody moths! The bane/bain(sp? never written that word before.) Just when I think I have got rid of them there they are again! I still have a silk dress in the freezer you have reminded me!x

Helen McCookerybook said...

I looked in the mirror after I found these and there was steam coming out of my ears!