Monday, February 25, 2013


Are my words all going to the wrong place?
I have spent the day marking theses and writing a lecture for Wednesday. Last night I began two songs and abandoned them, partly because I still can't sing properly again, and partly because all I have in my arsenal at the moment are nuts-and-bolts academic words and not poetic ones.
However, the nuts-and-bolts are due to take me on adventures: I have written a piece for an e-zine called PerfectSoundForever ( which has not yet been published, and I am going to the University of Limerick in April to talk at a Riot Grrrl event: not about riot grrrl, but about the sonic landscape of women's punk music.
Songs, however, are knocking at the door. I can't wait for Monday at the Camden Head, where Martin and myself are going to sing and play together.
Next year I resolve to avoid gruesome viruses at all costs.

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