Wednesday, February 06, 2013

On Being Huhne-d

I think we need a new verb: Huhne-ing.
That's when your partner tries to get you to take the rap or responsibility for something illegal on their behalf.
Many years ago when I was an art student I travelled to Amsterdam with my then boyfriend.
He bought some weed; we were guests of a pilot who probably guessed what he had been up to, and remarked in conversation that if any type of drugs were discovered at his house he wold lose his licence, no matter whom the drugs belonged to.
That night, I was awoken by a scuffling sound; the boyfriend had unrolled the end of a tube if toothpaste and was packing his little bag of weed into the end of it. He rolled it up again, with a satisfied sigh, and said to me, 'Nobody will ever find that'.
On the ferry back to England, he rummaged in his luggage. 'Here, you can take this through customs', he said. 'They'd never stop you!'.
So I took the toothpaste tube.
All night I may awake worrying. He was probably right; I was only 19 and looked younger. But in my imagination I wax caught, abandoned, and stood trial on my own.
Eventually, I took the tube of toothpaste and threw it over the side into the North Sea.

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