Monday, February 04, 2013

Computery Things

Computers can be boring, it's the things you can do with them that are interesting.
I have been listening, listening to the sounds of recorded guitars, trying to get them just right... trying out a different guitar, a different feel, a different way of playing.
It's all so detailed but it all makes such a difference.
I am going to have to crack open the posh microphone for some of the vocals, which means that the grunting, wheezing, cracking, roaring central heating will have to go off for a couple of hours (I'm sure you can understand why).
The SM58 doesn't notice it at all, nor the loudly clanking tick of the wall-clock.

I dropped the external hard drive on the floor this afternoon but it still works, just. There is something melancholy now in its high-pitched whine, but it's only a machine and my heartstrings are un-pulled.

And I have been sorting out archives, this time of drawings, collecting them into an electronic file together. The Pussy Riot story is going to be published in a collection with lots of women's artwork and writing, by Rough Trade/The Guardian, to help in the freedom campaign. More news when I know it!

The upside-down elephant is now part of a drawing, too... not quite finished!

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