Saturday, January 26, 2013


Just been re-recording all of yesterday's guitar parts- well four of them, as one of my fingers is telling me it's going to get a blister and I have now stopped for the day.
I was off to do Jamie McDermot's singing course this morning and it looked from the web as though the tubes up my line were running fine- till I got to the tube station and discovered that I would have to get a tube, two buses and another tube to get to Queen's Park.
That sounded like a two hour journey to me.
Exiled once more in High Barnet, I went for a very long walk and came back to listen to the tracks I'd recorded yesterday. The guitars were quiet and weedy and I decided to unweed them which I've just done.
It's all an exercise in patience as I can't wait to get started on the vocals, especially the harmonies... that's what the singing lessons were for, to reawaken my singing voice. I will have to just do as much as I can at home.
Being in music mode, I am physically clumsy in all other walks of life and I dropped a red cabbage on my toe. Ouch!
Time for tea and a little croon....

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