Thursday, January 24, 2013


I went swimming... two solid weeks of marking and my back felt like an old man's coat with the coat-hanger still in it. Now I feel like a floppy doll, but that's infinitely better.
And today, I recorded two guitar tracks for new songs, using the Green Goddess (a semi-acoustic Gretsch single anniversary) and tried to do a third, but either I haven't got The Funk or I need to practice it more, or both.
But I've been longing to start recording again and now I have. I have a list of songs, some of which are silly and some of which are moody, and some of which are somewhere in between.
Inspired, I shall do more tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I miss swimming - before we moved here, I was a member of a very good gym, with an excellent pool ..... but here there is just the local authority pool, with pensioners standing in the warm water easing there aches and pains, and children weeing!!

Helen McCookerybook said...

I have so far managed to calculate my visits to miss the school children, who are just leaving as I arrive, and I give he pensioners a wide berth especially the chaps with roving eyes who do exotic exercises down the shallow end!