Sunday, January 20, 2013

Attaboy, Moths!!!

Thwarted by the snow, the idea of going somewhere by car soon faded away. It wasn't the wiper mechanism that was frozen, but the wipersthemselves and the snow is falling so fast that I can't clear ii=t from the windscreen.

A rarely-used hat emerged from its bag two weeks ago peppered with moth-holes so I branded today 'eradicate moths' day.
The boot of the car is frozen shut so the plan to bung a couple of bin-bags full of clothes into sub-zero temperatures for a few days also failed, or so I thought.
There are now three black bags of woollies (these moths seem to be wool-chompers) on the bench in the yard, turning into lumpen snow drifts as we speak.
I've used the spray (sparingly, as I don't want to eradicate myself), spread out the rest of the clothes in the wardrobe and spent the rest of the morning bagging the shoes that I wear in summer and lining up the shoes I wear in winter.
My room is always tidy, but chiefly because all the rubbish is haunting the space under the bed. No longer! I now have a bag of shoes to sell on eBay in the Spring, and a bag to recycle.

Freezing usually works to kill the moth grubs. I was thinking about the consequent period of woollie-less cold, but rationalised this by thinking that jumpers full of holes won't keep me warm anyway.
I have almost stopped buying clothes in charity shops and vintage shops because of this problem. Offsprog Two sprayed her cupboard one year and was literally sweeping up silvery-grey dead moths from the floor. I usually put second hand clothes in the freezer compartement of the fridge for 24 hours. I don't know where this lot came from; possibly from new clothes bought in the sales and not stored properly.

I am now watching out for you, grubs: beware!

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