Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Well, it's been busy; on Sunday I went to se Mike and Em in Briton. They have brought out a new listings mag called Brixton Buzz ( which is a snazzy little item with a great layout and a good independent vibe. Being handed out at a tube station near you every month, Brixtonites!
On Monday was the Under the Influence Christmas do; Lester Square came down from St Albans to be in the choir for Christmas Queen and he was joined by Nat and assorted audience members and I think we still managed to be rousing.
The Anti Poet put in a grand set, and so did Miranda Quammie, whose CD I will be reviewing in the New Year. The whole lot was topped off by a rousing singalong set by Nat's band, The Reverse.
Always worth going along to!

Last night I was given tickets to see Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick at Cecil Sharp House. I took Martin along as I was tour-managing him for the night. The room was decorated beautifully and I really enjoyed the set especially when Martin Carthy was singing songs by Marina Russell. I'm not used to listening to such pure folk music and sometimes find it difficult on the ear as recordings, but this was a great performance with two musicians so in tune with each other that they played as one and it was a real pleasure to see and hear. Thanks to the Musicians Benevolent Fund for the tickets and for their support for musicians in need!

Then we went to Radio Two for Martin's interview with Janice Long. He gave her a lot of music from the Highlands to play- Dave Fleming, Andy Gunn and Jill Hepburn tracks. So much good music from the Barbaraville label: Eliza P got a mention, and Mir Davey Cowan and Ally McLeod were cued up to play but there wasn't time.

It was a lovely interview- Janis Long is a sweetheart and a long time Martin Stephenson fan.
Leeds tomorrow- see you there!

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Wilky of St Albans said...

hold up! Lester Square lives in St Albans? It's getting to be a right cultured place here, what with half the Anti-Poet living round the corner.