Thursday, December 13, 2012

Barbaraville Compilation

This is a brilliant compilation of lots of stuff from Martin's label (including a new skiffle demo Sugar Hill by yours truly plus the instrumental from The Cafe of Tiny Kindnesses, Beachwalk). One of Martin's best instrumentals is on there too, General Custer, plus The Streets of San Sebastian by The Daintees and Martin's new solo track, Ride.
There's a song by Eliza P, a song by Mir, a song by Jill Hepburn and a song by Ali MacLeod- Go Girls!
You can buy the whole lot or just one or two tracks. The proceeds go towards recording more music.
I also tried to upload this to Blogger yesterday but she wasn't keen, moody creature. It's the song Temptation played by Helen and the Horns.
Finally the song Christmas Queen is a free download on Reverbnation

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