Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wake-Up Call

What a funny morning. I was reading the Guardian and was moved to tears by the young weightlifter, Zoe Smith, describing her relationship with her grandmother and saying that 'If I grow up to be anything like her, I'll be happy'.
This is exactly how I felt about my grandmother, who kept her principles no matter how life buffeted her and no matter how many tides she had to swim against.
I love you Gran, even though you're not a physical presence in my life any more.

Over the last week I have started writing skiffle songs, starting by walking down the road to the postal depot, singing what I saw: poplar trees, magpies, mud.
So I finished the song about magpies and should have been recording it today, but next door have decided, after being silent for three years, to start whacking a sledgehammer against our adjoining wall and I'm not sure I'll get it done.
I also wrote a song about bullies (the second in three months: telling, huh?) which I was also planning to record today, as well as doing some vocals/lyrics on one of Gina's tracks.
Life is noisy- last Monday it was the fireworks (who's that at the door? I kept thinking as the banging interrupted my vocals in the headphones).
The central heating also has a part to play, wheezing, groaning and cracking alarmingly; what a drama queen it is!
I hope they stop thumping soon. I want to go to see a band tonight and I finished the humungous pile of marking last night to make sure that I can.

Anyway, a lyric about Martin suddenly came into my head as I woke, an idea which I have put away for later to make a song with. This made me think about Piedmont Blues fingerpicking, because Martin is the best fingerpicker I've ever seen or heard, and I listened to The Carolina Chocolate Drops for breakfast; soon I was dancing round the kitchen. And I was delighted to get a tweet from someone who has been listening to my music this morning, to say that it has cheered her up. Happy music is a good Saturday breakfast!

Lastly, I have just walked down to the postal depot again; very kindly, Martin has sent me an M-Audio box which will really help as part of my tabletop studio; he did a gig with Mir last night in Inverness and apparently that went very well. Next weekend he has a gig in Glossop with Eliza P supporting, then a gig in Darwen with the Daintees which I will be travelling to play at.

Not even 11.30 on a Saturday morning. Sometimes I  curse the inner alarm that wakes me up at 6.00 a.m. (work time) every day of the week, but sometimes it's a blessing!


Anonymous said...

"Fingerpickin" as practised by Lonnie Donegan!

A Fan! said...

Where exactly is DARWEN
North, South, East,or West!

Monty said...

Do you fancy playing at the "Arts Depot" in Finchley-Tally Ho. They occasionally have Sunday sessions there!