Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beck and Buck

Beck has just issued an album in sheet music form with brilliant illustrations, so that people can interpret his songs in their own way. How lovely! It's so un-X Factorish and even though I can't read music I will be getting a copy.
A while ago I started doing something like that (with a song called Baked Alaska that I performed with The Gluts at a gig they did at Cafe Oto, and with Sing a Song of Sunderland for the Sunderland Book Project exhibition). I am pretty certain that there are lots of mistakes in my dots and it kind of worked illustration first, music second: but it's still pictures and music; mood, rather than instructions for the consumer's imagination like pop videos or whatever.

I also did a whole series of illustrations for Martin's Buck Easly project, one for each song. I wonder if I can find the scans of them...
Hooray for Beck, swimming against the tide with different arms!
Martin got the music for Heaven Avenue written out by a professional transcriber in the Highlands a while ago; I am going to find it and make it a beautiful cover and sell it at my gigs :)
There are more than this: I will find them

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