Monday, October 15, 2012


That big storm that Michael Fish said wasn't going to happen...
I woke up and the cat was running around, frightened by the whooshing of the wind outside. The bedroom was a ground floor extension with three outside walls and a flat roof, so it was very noisy and frightening. We put the radio on and sat it out.
Next morning, all was devastation; but on the back wall next to the window, three little empty plastic plant pots stood in a neat row, just where they had been the day before.
Huge trees had crashed to the ground; I had to walk three miles to work and climb over them because they blocked the roads and no buses or cars could pass; there were smashed things all over the place. The world had been rearranged in an extraordinary manner. The normal chaos of noisy, busy, dirty roads was replaced with silence, calm after the storm: grim surprise.
Three little plant pots: quaint survivors!

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An ex. Cat owner said...

Whats your Cats name?