Wednesday, August 08, 2012


I am struggling within finishing an academic paper; I have been getting up very early to write before the bustle of the day starts.
One of the hiccups is that I no longer have Word and I'm using an unfamiliar programme to write. I can't get to work to transfer it and type in familiar territory until Team America have gone home after the Olympics.
In some respects it's fun: the bulk of it is written and I'm into slash-and-burn (sorry, editing) mode.
All the stuff about Poly Styrene, which works as a beautiful audio joke, is going to live somewhere else; most of it centres on interviews with Tessa Pollitt and Gina Birch and a lot of it is about reggae.
Later I have to take my car for an MOT which is undoubtedly the most stressful day in a car's short and fruitful life. Please do cross your fingers for me; I have been dreading this day for two weeks!
Back to work.

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