Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Quiet Coach

Ah, coach 'B', the quiet coach on the train (second class).

My baby will be able to sleep peacefully in the quiet coach, once she's stopped screaming.

I'll be able to take and make those important business calls without being interrupted by others taking and making important business calls.

I'll be able to describe every single railway journey I've made in mt eighty years of travelling in a loud clear voice without interruption, to the passenger sitting next to me.

I'll be able to talk through my serious health issues with a stranger in a focused and direct way.



Anonymous said...

And how much did a cup-of-tea cost you on the train!

A Ticket Inspector said...

Can i see your ticket please madam. Do you know it's a crime to travel without a valid ticket. The train may be late/dirty/smelly/overcrowded/old/
dangerous/cold. But thats not the point, we still need the cash!