Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Daintees at Stirling Tollbooth

Stirling Tollbooth is a beautiful venue with raked seating and crystal clear sound. It was lovely to be together again, Willie the tour manager as well; first time we've all been together since the tour in April. The band was on top form; Kenny Brady the fiddle player joined them, and they put in a fine set that included the tracks California Star and Streets of San Sebastian from the latest album (being played by Tom Robinson and Bob Harris) which fitted seamlessly into the set alongside old favourites wether rockin' (Running Water) or mellow (Rain).
Jill Hepburn supported and was fresh-voiced and charming, playing her banjo with aplomb.

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Monty said...

Dear Helen, have you got any more copies of your book available! i very nearly purchsed one from Waterstones in The Spires, but i may be able to get one from you. I'll see you at the next GIG!