Sunday, July 08, 2012

Corruption at the Highest Level?

You may have been wondering about all this rain... well, on a wander around the West End of London yesterday afternoon, I discovered what may well be the reason.
Corruption permeates everything about British society these days: the banks, the media, and now Theatreland. Someone at this theatre has a direct line to the Weathermaker, quite obviously. This production of Singin' in the Rain took over from Les Miserables at roughly the same time as the weather took a turn for the... more fluid.
Since Barclays Bank has been in the news so much because of its illegal practices, I pondered on their sponsorship of the bicycle hire scheme in London, which they originally negotiated with Ken Livingstone. It must have driven them to distraction that Boris Johnson took over as London mayor, for instead of Barclaybikes, we have Borisbikes (Kenbikes wouldn't have really worked, would it?).
Poor silly old Barclays.
I am waiting to see what Lloyds has been up to. Like may people I will move my account if, as I suspect, they have been up to no good just like the others.


frayedattheedge said...

I blamr the water companies - all their talk about droughts and hosepipes bans, and needing years of rain ...... well we've had theyears of rain in the last few months!! As for the banks ..... O don't think I can say anything about them without using rude and uncouth language!

Thomas Maltby said...

Hi Helen Have you spoken to Don Letts regarding his appearance in "A Southern Report" I heard Don Letts has had a book out he used to live down the road where my Paint Shop was I hope he's alright . Tommy Maltby from "Wrist Action"