Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Salford Gig

Mazing gig last night- I think it must have been sold out- there were three tiers of audience ad well ad the stalls. Liz came along and Played a couple of songs (using my telecaster rockwise) before I went on, and then the Daintees took to the stage. The audience wax a little restrained at first, probably feeling more so after the night before's sticky floor rock venue experience, but after a few songs Willy's eyes lit up and he exclaimed 'he's got 'em going!' and so he had.
Man of the match last night was Kate, who played a humdinger of a gIg and looked as happy as a lark all the wAy through. Songs of the match? Slaughterman. And also Slow Loving, and Piece of the Cake was stormin' too. The walkabout is getting to be more and more fun.
And now it's Holiday Inn Express breakfast... Muted yum.

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Jill said...

Hi Helen, hope the Holiday Inn breakfast us slipping down nicely. Any idea what time you're in on Sat in Brighton? Very much looking forward to seeing you xx