Monday, April 16, 2012

Oxford 02

This venue couldn't have been more different than Brighton St George's: a typical 02 sticky-floor (do they spray on that faint smell of vomit on the public stairs up to the auditorium?), graffiti in the toilets (most interesting for out by-now scatological tour brains) but as in all of the venues, ace staff getting great sound.
The room is a square shape which was actually ideal for last night's show because the sight-lines were good. We had dined in style beforehand at a lovely Italian restaurant just down the road (didn't catch the name, which is a pity as it would be nice to give them a shout). I clambered up on stage, rocked out (yes, it has happened!) then stood at the side for the most storming Daintees set yet. They have bonded over this tour into a really tight and fluid band, as I noticed last night because in spite of knowing all the songs backwards, I am able to enjoy as a punter because of the ease at which they are playing together. The difference in venues has proved to be a really good idea: I think it has kept us all on our toes, and last night's audience were having a great time. Martin played a beautiful version of Home last night, and Slow Loving was close to perfect. At the end, we applauded the sound guys and the lighting guys as well as the band, because they had done a great job. Even the security guard was enjoying himself and went home with a huge grin on his face.
What a pity we have to stop after tonight! We have developed a van vibe, the only odd one out being the Satnav Lady ('Tahrn Arahnd When POSSIBLE!'), and I am going to miss everyone dreadfully.
I have a lot of photos which I'll post here later this week.
So it's Bristol St George's tonight, the last one......

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