Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Digital Switchover, I Mean Fallover

Grrr! Aargh!
I almost threw the TV set out of the window.
An entire tower of folders and files had crashed to the ground, the umbrella stand fell down, the toy accordion bounced across the floor...
I was looking for the TV manual after the call centre recorded message said 'Ask a friend or member of your family. Goodbye!'.
My head almost exploded with frustration and rage...
Finally, I wound up the trusty internet and looked for the online guide.
You see my TV set didn't say the things the little booklet that came through the letterbox said it would.
After following the offbeat route of instructions, the TV cheerily burst into life, pretending nothing at all had happened.
I have half a mind to throw it out of the window anyway, just to get my revenge.


Rich C said...

You rock stars and your tellys!

Helen McCookerybook said...

Ha ha!