Friday, March 30, 2012

Songwriting and Technical

Yesterday was an emotional day: the City and Hackney Carers screened the films that the carers' film project had made, alongside the carers' songwriting project ( done at the Premises Studios) that I was involved with. The films were very powerful, and it was lovely to see the songwriters again and to listen to their songs as we sat upstairs at the Hackney Picture House and all ate our lunch together. The cinema was pretty full, and it seems that both projects are going to not only help the carers to keep in touch with each other, but also raise their profile. They are remarkable people in a lot of ways.
And who should be there but Lucy Toothpaste, looking very glamorous! I forgot to tell her that the book is coming out next month.
This morning, I have been transferring the DAT audio of the backing tracks of the Voxpop Puella song-cycle to Garageband so that I can add some fresh lead vocals before sending them off to be mastered. The tracks are what is called 'hot': dynamically wild! I had to set the input volume at zero for one of them and I still think it was clipping. We shall see: I am going to trim them in a minute ready for the vocal recording tomorrow.
Later, I am off to work with Lucie Sieger:
And the washing machine is working overtime, as I realised that five of our tour dates are consecutive so I will have to take a lot of clothes with me!

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