Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Guitar Weekend

It was a lovely weekend, illuminated by Western-Scotland sunshine and soundtracked by a flock of eccentric guinea-fowl that wandered in an anxious huddle across the grass on incomprehensible birdy missions from time to time.
Tutors Martin Stephenson, Jim Hornsby and Brian Younger treated us to an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime (and unfilmed) improvised version of The Entertainer on two guitars and banjo that left us all breathless. For the first time, I came away being able to remember some of what I learned (including the chords for Sunny). There was a great combo of people- two younger people and some bubbly personalities; a Johnny Cash voice to die for and as always, a lot of humorous banter.
The first year the profiteroles didn't have cream on the turn too!
The hotel staff seemed as relaxed as we were this time round (they set the dining tables up in a guitar-shape, bless 'em) and we gave them a round of applause; as always it was difficult to tear myself away and head back to reality. Here's to the Songwriting Weekend in June!

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