Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Complimentary Insult

I didn't understand that the famous German producer Giorgio Moroder made those chugging disco bass grooves on a sequencing machine, and when I wrote 24 Hours I was trying to mimic a bass line like the one on  I Feel Love by Donna Summer. It was knackering to play live and I only just made it to the end of the recording. It was about as close as The Chefs could get to sounding groovy.
I took a copy along to the Moonlight Club in West Hampstead; we had a residency there and because we could get in free, I practically lived there in the evenings because it was warmer and more friendly than my sad little bedsit.
The DJ there, who was quite a hippyish chap, was very keen on The Chefs and I thought he would play the single; he took it from me that night, played it, and handed it back with an air of disappointment.
'Ugh! That sounds just like Donna Summer!', he declared.
Naturally, I was thrilled to bits.
(Actually, it grew on him and he did play it quite a lot in the end).

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