Monday, February 27, 2012


It is always important to have a mentor- I had two. One was my lovely art history tutor at art college, Stuart Morgan, who went on to edit Artscribe Magazine (sadly, he died a few years ago but I will be including a song tribute to him on the next CD that I do) and the other was Vi Subversa from the band Poison Girls, who is now making music just outside Barcelona. Vi loved and encouraged everyone, even when she didn't agree with them politically- that's a great generosity of spirit. And Stuart was kind and loyal, and always my friend. I will always remember my oldest child as a bald and very beautiful baby being thrilled by Stuart's shaved head. At last! An adult who also had a hairless head!
I don't think mentors always realise what they have been doing. Jane Abernethy, one of my ex-students, just sent me this link, and I am so touched to be mentioned this way.
In one of my jobs, I am finding things very tough; this has helped redress the balance to say the least! Added to some lovely gigs (like the little one at the Stuart Low Trust on Friday) and a very special song writing project with some carers who seem to be spontaneously developing into amazing songwriters, this makes life seem much more rosy!
It goes without saying that I am hugely proud of Jane, especially after she signed Merrill Garbus. She has always had a unique ear for music and has been able to stick to her guns about what she likes. The Beggars Group are lucky to have her, and that's a fact.


Sarah said...

What a lovely tribute. Well done you! x

Big Al Davies said...

If you introduced her to Ivor Cutler and your own music then no wonder, keep going, we all need to be clapped, otherwise the fairy dies, I saw you on Pebble Mill and just popped over to see what you were up to.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you Sarah. I have been worrying all day about whether it is big-headed to post the link. I still don't know: it is partly to make myself feel better!
Nice to meet you Big Al. I have been trying to find someone with a video of that Pebble Mill show. Next step is a proper Helen and the Horns retrospective CD and it would be great to stick a DVD of that on it!
Good luck with your own music!