Saturday, February 04, 2012


I have just floated back from Edinburgh: Ayr first to do External Examining duties (what an interesting course and what good lecturers!) and then back to fairytale city with its drillings-into-the-road for a tram system that sounds more like a train set than a tram service.
I chatted to a retired Chemistry lecturer and ate shortbread at McMum's gaff, silver hair and gossip aplenty.
The weather has been so beautiful- cold and clear, a bit like the feeling just after you've brushed yer teeth with spearmint.
I should probably work today but I'm not, partly in celebration. The washing machine pump stopped working on Wednesday and I had to head north with a machine full of water and clothes stew. I'd tried to trick it into pumping again but to no avail. This avo, an old-fashioned chap turned up with a toolbox and a moustache and within five minutes had removed a button from the pipe and fixed it; the clothes don't even smell.
Amazing what boring postings I can do, isn't it?

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