Tuesday, February 28, 2012

93 Feet East

We had a really successful student gig at 93 Feet East last night. It's a bar on Brick Lane in east London, navigated via a maze of one way streets and diversions which meant that I had to leave my car (I was roadying, amongst other things) a ten-minute walk away and at one point I did wonder if I could remember where it was!
The students drifted in, and we started with a DJ before a series of poets, singer songwriters and even a drummerless band entertained a pretty full house for a Monday night. A couple of rappers dropped in with a CD and we gave them a spot: it was a true variety night that finished with a short drum'n'bass DJ set.
There will be more, perhaps next time with the red Las Vegas rope lights that I left behind in my car boot, fifteen minutes away (what is life without exaggeration?)

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