Wednesday, January 25, 2012


My car, awash with water, has been diagnosed and is now in recovery. A carwash in Surrey that I got stranded in ('You can't just leave her there!', wailed the next customer, prompting a rescue bid) revealed water pouring in from the bonnet.
I was expecting a mega bill from the garage but got one only in double figures (big ones, though).
I can afford a new iron!
The one I have at the moment was the cheapest that Sainsbury's could suppy.
It has a lead so short that I have to have the ironing board unfeasibly low.
It is top heavy and falls over if left unsupported, smashing everything it comes into contact with into tiny irrepairable smithereens.
It has only two settings: 'Scorch' and 'Slightly Warmer Than Room Temperature'.
The cord doesn't wrap around it properly when I put it away, so it falls out of the cupboard- so frequently and annoyingly that I avoid using the cupboard at all costs. It's the cupboard with cooking vessels, so consequently I avoid cooking. And if I get home from work and the bread is stale so I can't make toast, that means I don't eat.
I just can't let that cheap iron run my life any more!


foolish girl said...

hahaha thanks for this, it really cheered up my day, not your misfortune but the description xx

Anne said...

I think you might have the beginnings of a very good horror film there - I can just picture the beautiful, blonde (they are always blonde) heroine opening the cupboard, only to find ......

foolish girl said...

Here's a link to last Friday..excuse the wobble. x

Cazz Blase said...

Hi Helen,

If it's any help, I got my iron from Argos for £4.99 and my ironing board for £9.99. Getting it home on the bus was interesting... cue my bemused cousin, who happened to be on the same bus, saying "Er, where are you going with that ironing board?" "I thought I'd sit at the back with it" (Pause) "But then again, perhaps not"

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you all for your comments!