Friday, January 20, 2012

Chet Baker

De boop boop boop boop
Yeah yeah baby!
It's Chet Baker, singing in the background as I prevaricate as usual....
De boop boop boop boop
Parp! There goes his trumpet, mellow and swingin'....
De boop boop boop boop.
Pingle dingle piano frills
Absolutely frilling darling....
Time for tea
'A breeze caresses me'....
Hang on a minute! It's January outside: how come summer's crept in to the house?
De boop boop boop boop
A blue note or two
Where's my cocktail dress?
Why haven't I got one?
I could wear it for jazz moments
Even though I don't drink

1 comment:

A bar-man said...

Every Pub in Barnet sells Cocktails!
Harvey Wallbangers, Black Russians, White Ladies etc etc.