Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sheffield Greystones

Here are the Daintees sound checking in Sheffield last night. They did a great show especially this bit, where they played acoustically. That's Kate second left, playing a Cahone that sounds just like a full kit. I was their support act last night, and I thoroughly enjoyed it; what could be better than to support my favourite band? Mike and June were there doing the CDs, Andrew Bailey of the Guitar weekends showed up and so did David Lelievre who runs the Eyre Chapel gigs.
I love Sheffield, it's a great city to wander about in with some nice caffs and a TK Maxx! Martin and I had a lovely day wandering around and exploring. The audiences for music are always really welcoming too and the band stayed in a really quirky B&B with huge antique baths with giant's brass taps and massive beds, and an academic living there who works with sound technology who was recording the band as I left, alas, for work! They are playing at the Greystones again tonight and I hope they have just as nice an audience again. I had a sunny drive back, writing two songs in my head, a weird one and a cheesy one, and did a seminar this afternoon with two very enthusiastic MA students. Tomorrow morning, I have four hours of tutorials, after which I shall slink out as a shadow of my former self and make some revisions to a much-revised document before returning home and slumping in front of Poirot on Channel 10 as usual. I can honestly say that Poirot has been a lifesaver this autumn, bless his little black moustache. Is it made from the carapaces of shiny black beetles, d'you think?


Anonymous said...

Hello Helen
Thank you for your kind words
You forgot to mention in your natural modesty
What an excellent performance you did your good self
We, as Daintees. (chefs/Helen fans) love you very much
You are a lovely human being with a huge heart ! You are
Part of our family
Lots of love The Daintees xxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

I think your gig at Sheffield Greystones was the best I've seen. Really enjoyed it and your voice sounded great - as did your guitar playing too, of course!
What a fabulous night!! What could be better than Helen McCookerybook followed by the best live band in Britain - The Daintees!
I'm still buzzing!
x A