Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I have just had my nylon-strung guitar set up by the guys at LA Strings in Whetstone; they are really good luthiers and they are full of stories.
Today they said that Ivor Cutler had heard them talking on Classic fm, and had called up and asked them if he could visit them to soak up the atmosphere of their workshop. While he was there, he wrote a poem and gave it to them.
McMum and McDad raised us all on Cutler's subtle digs at genteel Glaswegian society and its manners and customs, and I used to see him cycling round South London when I lived there. They said that he arrived on his bicycle with cotton buds sticking out of his ears to cut out the noises of the world as he rode through it.
He was an eccentric but very observant man!
LA Strings' website is
and Ivor Cutler is here
(I think McDad rather admired Cutler's sartorial style!)

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