Thursday, September 15, 2011

Last Saturday

Last Saturday I picked Martin up at Luton and took him to Norwich, for his gig at Olive's Cafe.
Olive's is weeny and was packed and very hot and humid; the audience was aged from 17 to 70 and all definitely up for it. Treacle and Mark came and it was lovely to see them; we sat at the back and clapped and laughed along. Martin did a great show and his little parlour guitar absolutely sang out; he played songs I've never heard him play before out of his huge repertoire, and did a brilliant version of my favourite, The Lilac Tree. I made a little film which I will post here along with one of Steve Beresford and Peter Blegvad. Next week, sometime.
And he is on his way south for the Jazz Cafe gig tomorrow night which is going to be a corker. Ali Macleod and her partner Donald are heading down from Inverness to play a short set (get there 7.30 if you want to hear them), Helen and the Horns are on at 8.10 and then The Daintees are on at 9.10.

That's funny. The boiler timer has just made the phones bleep.
Years ago, our fridge motor timer used to set off the strange octagonal musical toy the girls had sent to them, from friends in the USA. 
In the middle of the night it would run through its electronic scales and start singing 'Incy Wincy spider ran down the spout, down came the rain and washed poor Incy out...' in a scary cooing electro-voice, all by itself in the living room. 
Strange but true.

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